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Fourth Quarter Registration is now Open.

Wednesdays | 6:30-7:30pm

4th Qtr begins March 7th.


Wednesdays | 6:30-7:30pm

4th Qtr begins March 7th.



Wednesdays | 6:30-7:30pm

4th Qtr begins March 7th.



Our mid-week program focuses on teaching kids to serve. Here in StoneBridge Hollow we firmly believe that kids are not disciples in waiting, but disciples in training. God has called each of us to serve others. Should they accept their mission, kids ages 3 years - 5th grade have an opportunity to make a difference each Wednesday.



1st-5th graders become secret agents and partner with local organizations such as Open Door Mission, nursing homes, missionaries, and the community to serve others in practical ways. Each quarter kids get to pick a new team. Each team serves a particular organization or group of people.

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Kids 3 years-kindergarten report for duty at Preschool Serve! Kids in PreK/K will learn to serve their families, church, community, and the world through crafts, service projects, games and Bible stories.

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Elementary kids in 1st-5th grade may select one team to participate.

Registration for fourth quarter opens Wednesday, February 21th!
Third quarter is Wednesday, March 7 | Wednesday, April 11. 


Old School

Doing things the old school way! Kids will get to do things just like "back in the day." From washing clothes to churning butter, kids will experience the old fashoined way of completing everyday tasks!
Class Act 

Teachers and school staff work hard, and we love to serve them! Kids will complete a few projects each week that they will then deliver to a staff member at their Elementary school.

JUMP *4th-5th grade only

Kids on the JUMP team will serve as leaders on PreK/K teams during Mission: Possible each week of the quarter. These student leaders will be paired with adult leaders, and will grow in their leadership skills as they take on this role.

I Work Out!


God asks us to take care of our bodies, and we serve others better if we take of ourselves! Kids will get to try different kinds of workouts on this team!

This team of kids will rehearse 2 skits during the quarter that they will perform for the PreK/K teams on weeks 3 and 6

StoneBridge loves missions! We serve locally and globally! Kids will get the chance to help prepare materials for upcoming mission trips at StoneBridge, as well as complete projects to support local missions StoneBridge partners with!
Breakfast Club
Kids will cook together to make breakfast for the Sunday KidMin volunteer team!


Kids 3 years old- Kindergarten will be placed in small groups based on age.
Kids must be 3 by October 25th to register for this quarter (Oct 25-Dec 6).
PreK/K (3 years-Kindergarten)
Pre-K/ K Team
Kids 3 years-Kindergarten will hear a Bible story on their level, then complete a Make it Stick review/application rotation, as well as complete a Serve rotation and learn what it means to put others before themselves!   


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